Relationship types!

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes.

Some people are simply free spirits and not meant to be tied down to any one particular person.

Others can be great fun and great lovers, but since they place no value on loyalty or commitment and tend to be a little selfish and narcissistic, they will never be faithful and exclusive with anyone, even though they may say that’s what they want.

People with a history of cheating, tend to always be that way. You should listen very carefully when new lovers tell you about their past relationships, and how they behaved in them, to determine how they will treat you.

The most common types of heterosexual relationships are open relationships, friends with benefits, sex playmates, monogamous exclusive relationships and marriage. Once you decide what kind of relationship you want to have, and in order to prevent unnecessary suffering, you should only date people who share the same relationship goals and values.” .


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