Welcome to my world!

Hi guy’s my name is Calvin. I was born and bred in London, although I did live in another country for five years from the age of six to 11 years old’ That’s a story for another day. In any case let me tell you a little about myself and why I’ve decided to write blogs and articles. I am a 30 year old male soon to be 31 actually, I live in one of the most known city’s in the world London.

Growing up as a kid and living in the capital has not always been an easy ride.

Moving houses a lot, changing schools, raised most of my life with no father figure around, I didn’t exactly come from the most stable of homes. however amidst all the struggles I’m still here today, and happy to report I did have some memorable childhood memory’s that will always live with me.

What I’m doing now?

I am currently working in the retail sector’ which has allowed me to gain strong communication skills and allowed me to connect with people from all walks of life. Having said that, I feel there is a bigger purpose to my life which I am currently exploring and hope to find soon. In the mean time I have found something that I am passionate about and which also helps me to get by in this hectic city, something which I find comfort in. 

And that is to write articles in the hope that I can touch people’s life’s and make a positive impact on them through my work. I like to connect with people on the fundamentals, and if possible to inspire others and to help them on there journey in life. I’ve always felt the need from around my mid twenties to somehow impact the world, but never quite knowing how to at the time.

But I knew as humans we all tend to go through the same things in life. Love, Heartache, marriage, divorces, ups and downs, happiness, sadness, grief, lost, pain, suffering, heartbreak, relationships. Maybe some more then other’s, but you get the picture. And so the article’s I write tend to be based around those topics. I also like to give dating advice to mostly men, but woman also. 

Stuff that I have personally gone through and learned throughout the years, and from my own mistakes that I have made, and from some of the stuff I’ve learned from other dating coaches out there. I also like to write rap lyrics in my spare time as a hobby, and as a means of expressing some of the things that I have been through. I also enjoy spending time with close friends, and family, having fun, and getting out and about when I get the chance to.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make a difference, and make us happy.

I remember as a kid’ it was little things that use to make me happy. Playing video games, hanging out with friends, buying chocolates and sweets, riding my bike, getting some brand new trainers, stuff like that. Even today hanging out with people that mean the most to me and just talking and having fun makes all the difference. 

That’s why I hate it when people just try and complicate thing’s when there is no need too. So I tend to keep my life drama free and away from all that unnecessary BS if I may say so. So guy’s that’s a little about myself and what I’m doing now, in the meantime I hope my blogs and articles well bring comfort to others, heal souls, and make a positive impact for people out there that maybe are having certain issues in there life, and maybe need some guidance to get them back on the right track, where they can feel a sense of peace again.

If I can help only a handful of people then that’s worth it for me.

Until next time thanks for reading this and stay tuned for more blogs and articles coming your way soon! 



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