What makes us happy?

You are responsible for your own happiness in life no one else.

What makes us happy in life?  If you asked me that question when I was a teenager, I probably would have said, playing video games’ party’s, clubbing, girls, having fun, money, new clothes and shoes, the list goes on. Okay I must admit I still like to play the occasional game and have fun when I can. However most of that stuff I mentioned above gets boring after a while and the novelty wears off.

The older I have got in life, the more I have realized that to be true. Yes you need money to survive in life and its nice if you can share special moments with that someone, but for the most part especially when it comes to materialistic stuff, it is only a temporary happy state at best. But what really makes us happy in life is the ultimate question were asking here. well friends that answer is clearer to me now more then ever before. Giving”.  A real man gives.

A real man goes into something or a situation and doesn’t say how can I get the sweeter end of the deal here, how can I cheat these people and end with the most. what’s in it for me. No, a real man looks around and says what can I do to help, Someone who is of service to others. He see’s he’s friend and Doesn’t say “hey can you do me a favor” but he sees he’s friend and says” how are you? What are you having trouble with’ what can I do to help you. That is what a real man does. That is the way he goes to work, that’s the way he treats he’s family’ that’s how he treats he’s friends’ That’s how he conducts himself in all areas in he’s life.

We live in a society today where everyone wants to take, take, take, get, get, get. How much can I take. Greed is over riding our Corporations’ over riding people. Everyone wants things for free, let’s see how I can get this for free, let’s see how I can cheat people. The mentality, if you think you can cheat the world out of giving you more then you’re giving it back, your gonna end up broke, your gonna end up poor’ you gonna end up miserable. The way to happiness’ the way to abundance’ the way to get wealthy’ the way to be successful with woman’ the way to be a success in life is to be a giver.

Often but not all the time when a man meets a woman he wants to take something from her, deprive her of something, to use her in one form or another for he’s own needs and cares in life. Well to them I say” a woman is like a flower. When a flower Doesn’t get any light from the sun, what happens to the flower it dies. When you give light to others’ to a woman’ she or they’ well blossom of you. Many guys fail to realize this out there, because they want to take’ but do not want to give back. I have been guilty of this numerous times in the past

But here’s the thing when you keep taking and taking and never give’ you do not give the world any value’ and guess what, when you do not give the world value’ it will not give you value back.

There is something about giving that makes us happy in life, that gives your life purpose and meaning. We all have something to give in this world’ our own unique gifts’ and talents to share with others. Just look at the late Michael Jackson how many people he made happy with he’s special talent. 

How many album’s he sold says it all. Rick Rescorla never heard of him right? Well if it where not for him giving he’s life to save others” It’s thought that he’s help lead to at least 1000 people evacuating the World Trade Center Tower 1 safely that day. If it was not for he’s actions if not already bad enough, the death toll from the twin towers on 9/11 would have been even more catastrophic.

He gave his very own life so that others might live that day. But for me there is one that stands out from the crowd, One who gave he’s life for the whole world’ the most amazing giver of all time was Jesus. No one else in the whole of the universe and history gave more then God. He sent hes only begotten son, John chapter 3:16 proves just how much he gave to the whole world. If only we as humans could learn something from that verse’ we would not sadly be where we are today.

At times in the past, I have often caught myself thinking about my own selfish needs ahead of others’ which has often caused heart ache’ and grief towards other’s at one point or another in my life. I have also seen at first hand what can happen when we choose to ignore other people’s feelings and thoughts ahead of our own selfish needs and desires in life. If I could change back the hands of time, would I have done certain things differently’ most definitely. Where their opportunities in my life where I could have given more to others, my partner, daughter, even myself” absolutely. So don’t make the same mistakes i did guys.

There comes a time in life when you have to say to yourself’ look, where am I going as an individual and what sort of legacy do I want to leave behind. Do I want to leave a trail of misery and unhappy people on my path, and if not, what can I do to better not only myself but those around me. 

How can I Give to others in need of a helping hand. Time is one of the most important things you can give someone. I have been guilty countless times of not giving enough time and attention’ to certain people in my life. most regrettably my daughter’ while growing up there where many times when I could have been there for her more, Played with her more, took her to the park more, helped her with her homework more, but instead at times I chose to pursue my own selfish needs and wants at the time. I realize that now more then ever. Time is precious, something we can never get back’ as it only goes in one direction, so use it wisely. Let me tell you something”

When you give or offer a valuable service to someone not only does it make that person feel happy’ but it leaves you with a feeling of a happiness and joy that you well never find any where else in this life, or the life to come.

So can we give more as humans beings to others around us’ on a daily basis’ I’m guessing you know the answer for that question already.

I repeat Giving to others is the key to happiness and success in life. So if you want to do something different for a change’ If you want to be successful in life then give ten times what you want to get back. And when you do that, you well never be at lack in any area of your life.

There is a law of indirect return’ that means for example guys out there, if you want to have a beautiful girlfriend’ it doesn’t always mean that if you go to talk to that girl over there’ automatically your gonna be reciprocated and your gonna get that girl. The law of indirect return means if you put in the hard work’ if you go and talk to ten different beautiful woman on the 10th” one your guaranteed to get a girlfriend. You gave ten different girls your love and attention first’ and in return you well get what you want. Hard work always gets rewarded in life.

So look around you, cause there is somebody out there crying for your help in one form or another right now.
It would seem that the more we give to others, the poorer we become, but just the opposite is true. Service to others brings meaning and fulfillment in our lives in a way that wealth, power, possessions and self-centered pursuits can never match.

Conclusion Each of us has something to give. Some have wealth, some have talents, some have time. Whatever gifts we have been given large or small we should share generously. When we do we make the world better for someone else and find true meaning and satisfaction in our own lives.

one song comes to mind ‘Heal the world’ let’s make it a better place. ‘Michael Jackson’ we’ll that my friend starts with the Man in the Mirror.

I hope you enjoyed this article about happiness, make sure you stay tuned for more.

Untill next time Godbless.



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