Appreciate those for who they really are!

Everyone comes into your life for a reason. You have a gift for them, and they have a gift for you.

people are not sent into your life for you to change or mold them into what you think they should be, but to be loved and appreciated for who they really are.

It’s a reasonable request to ask others to treat you a certain way, and then give them the freedom to treat you the way you want, but it’s an unreasonable request to expect them to change their nature or who they are so you don’t feel insecure about yourself, or so you can feel validated.

Everyone resents having their freedom restricted, being told what they can and can’t be, people trying to place limits on their potential and being expected to become something they are not and have no desire to become.

Instead of trying to change others into the perfect person you want, instead focus on becoming the type of person you want to attract!

And do not settle or stop searching until you find someone who already is exactly what you are looking for.


2 thoughts on “Appreciate those for who they really are!”

  1. I agree with the thought here in a worldly sense. But from a spiritual standpoint, we are to set examples of Christian love and ways of life which lead to a change of life for others. In that way we are to help as we can to teach the ways of Godliness. These hopefully will lead others to a transformation within their lives.

    However, we don’t want to do this with disrespect, and many don’t want to hear about God because all too often Christians have pressed this issue with others. But God never wanted this to be so. Therefore, with respect, we can help to change other’s lives into something far greater than what the world has to offer, but only when they are willing to do so.

    I hope this makes sense to your readers…


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  2. Thank you for your feedback Steve it’s much appreciated. I definitely think as Christians we should lead by example in everything we do, and how we present ourselves around other people, and most importantly before god.

    But we also have to give people the freedom to choose themselves what they should believe in. Otherwise it becomes forced love. The great thing about two people coming together on their big day is when it comes to that time to say your vows, both people if they choose too, can say I do not on that day. And that is what leads me to believe that god is love. And that are he gives us all that option to say no if we choose to.

    I am personally a Christian myself ‘never use to be’ and I also agree you cannot just force religion down someone’s throat as it has to come from them to decide if that is something there convicted on personally. But from a worldly point of view in the meantime we should treat others how we wanted to be treated ourselves. But also give them the freedom to choose there own actions in how they treat us.

    At the same time if how people treat us is something we do not agree to, or if it’s not in line with our principles, and values, then by all means we should walk away from that person, or interaction with them. Instead of staying around hoping for the best, or hoping that they well somehow change their ways about them.

    I like to give people the freedom to come and go, but at the same time if they’re not what am looking for in terms of a relationship, or how they are, or how they treat me, then I would rather just walk away instead of sticking around and trying to mold them into something I want them to be, when the reality is there anything but that.

    Because am not going to be sticking around with false expectations in regards to how that person is or behaves towards me, it well just lead to lot’s of heartache farther along down the line at some point or another. So I would rather just find someone who complements me, and me them in a nutshell.
    You either accept someone for who they are or you don’t.
    But you don’t ty to change that person into something you want them to be when there not.

    But anyway thanks once again for your spiritual feedback it’s much appreciated.


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